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On Top of Saigon

Madame Sáu offers you the very best Fusion-Vietnamese delights and creative drinks in a top-notch but intimate atmosphere. Away from the bustling world below, our establishment is a unique cultural crossroad where such enriched Viet gastronomy can be served together with expressive street arts, telling a simple yet sophisticated story to every visitor.


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Let us know how many of you and when you would like to pay us a visit. You can also find your table by calling our concierge team on 0857746699.



As an independent restaurant created by individuals who share the big love for Vietnamese arts and cuisine, we look forward to having a chance to amaze you soon.


Set on the 67th Floor of Landmark 81 Tower and filled with natural daylight and tranquil views over downtown of Saigon, our restaurant and bar are the perfect choices for you to either enjoy your romantic date after work or to host a corporate event.


Madame Sáu can accommodate a wide range of events, be it an extravagant birthday, a fashion show or press release. Our dedicating and considerate concierges will personalized services to meet your highest expectations, if not surpassed.


Madame Sáu inherits the philosophy of traditional Vietnamese cooking - fresh ingredients, complementary textures, selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, and reliance on regional herbs and meats to harmonize the Yin-Yang principles in every dish. Our drinks are customary, elegant but also hybrid.


A destination for those who seek not only relaxation but also inspirations, Madame Sáu is home to sensational art pieces and installations from remarkable local young artists that chronicle the evolution of contemporary art in Vietnam.


Upcoming Events

Main Menu

Duo of Hand Rolls
160.000 VND

Vietnamese prawn hand roll & mustard leaf roll

Crab 'nem' Ha Long sping roll
320.000 VND

Fresh herbs & dipping fish sauce

Fried mid chicken wings
180.000 VND

With curry leaf and lemongrass

Crispy calamari rings in Con Dao
180.000 VND

With tartar sauce

Beef Pho Burger
290.000 VND

Mini beef pho burger, papaya picked, french fries

Crispy grated coconut shrimp
180.000 VND

With wasabi mayo

Angus beef cubes skewers
380.000 VND

Grilled on charcoal, satay peanut sauce

Banh Mi Saigon
90.000 VND

Vietnamese baguette, pork pate, grilled pork

Chicken Liver Pate
160.000 VND

With red onion jam and baguettes

Mix Grilled Seafood
340.000 VND

Asparagus with lemon herbs butter

Extra nuts & chips for drinks

Cashew Nuts
110.000 VND
Taro chips
110.000 VND
Seasonal fresh fruit platter
490.000 VND
Sweet Potato Chips
110.000 VND

Tapas Sharing

The Antipasto (two servings)
1.190.000 VND

* Cold plates: Salami, pepperroni, cured ham, mixed olives, sun-blused tomato, boiled quail egg, vegetables crudités * Cheese plates: a selection four cheese (soft and hard), cracker, chutney, fresh fruit and bread

Great for couple sharing
790.000 VND

Bruschetta, pesto, olives, tapenade, anchovies, smoked salmon, Stilton, Parma ham, mozzarella, chorizo and seasoned mixed leaves salad

drink menu

Lounge Signature Cocktails

310.000 VND

Bombay Gin, Sesame syrup, Sugar, Pink Tonic, Scorched Rice

310.000 VND

Wild Turkey infused Chamomile, Vanila, Campari, Laphroarig, Stone Egg

310.000 VND

Bacardi, Galangal, Lime, Pandan, Pineapple, Red wine

310.000 VND

Brugal Dark Rum, Honey, Ginger Syrup, Lime, Salt

PERFUM No.67 / 340
340.000 VND

Bombay infused Lemongrass & Chilli, Passion, Beetroot Kombucha, Lime, Balsimic, Spicy

310.000 VND

Cuervo Tequila Silver infused Tamarind, Coconut & Agave Cordial, Lime

310.000 VND

Dewar's Whisky, Black tea, Vanilla, Angostura, Milk


Lunar Collection

Macallan 12Y Double Cask | Mixer Drink x 6 | Grey Goose Vodka | Fruit Platter

8.199.000 VND

Solar Runway

Laurent-Perrier Champagne Brut | Mixer Drink x 3 | Grey Goose Vodka | Fruit Platter

9.295.000 VND

Stellar Stage

G.H.Mumm Champagne Brut | Martell Noblige | Fruit Platter

12.900.000 VND

Level 67

Champagne Tribaut Schlosser Blanc de Chardonnay | Fruit Platter | Macallan 12 Sherry OAK | Mixer Drink x 3

13.900.000 VND

Big Mode

G.H.Mumm 1,5L | Fruit Platter | Macallan 12 Sherry OAK 1.75L | Mixer Drink x 6

21.300.000 VND